Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Physical Medicine



Physical / Medical Functioning:


The brain is an organic system within a total body concert and interacts to a wide range of biological influences. The brain requires nutrition and, thus, requires a balanced source for its fuel to function. Virtually every system in the body can have a positive or destructive influence on the brain and vice versa. Since a person operates as a whole and complete unit, a general medical evaluation is critical to the assessment to understand which factors are playing major roles in any problems, such as concentration and memory. For example, neurological function depends on proper nutrition and adequate regulation of the gastrointestinal and endocrine systems. Toxicity from environmental contaminants can also interfere with brain function, as can allergies and food sensitivities. Hormones alter the brain's abilities to function for special challenges. Disease has to be examined for all considerations, such as possible tumors, neural damage or viral infections. Laboratory measurement of key physical factors, information gained through a review of systems, and a standard physical examination allows the team to incorporate important information regarding the function of the entire biological system into diagnostic decision making and treatment planning.

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