Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Biofeedback Psychophysiological Assessment:   


Biofeedback psychophysiological assessment is fundamental to understanding the dynamics of internal regulatory factors that can critically affect attentional competence in neurological conditions including ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, etc. Heightened physiological arousal can interfere with cognitive performance through unhelpful mind-body interactions to environmental demands. The psychophysiological processes of relaxation, stress response, and stress recovery for an individual are often below the threshold of conscious awareness. The Psychophysiological Profile Assessment (PPA) provides information that directly reflects interactions between the mind and body by recording how the body is functioning and showing how the physical functions relate to behavior. Physiological monitoring in different conditions, including at rest and under simulated stressor conditions, provides an analysis of physiological distractions to attention. It provides a visual and experiential demonstration of the mind-body connection, which can later be used as a nonpharmacological therapeutic tool to aid in learning self-regulation to improve attention, cognitive performance, and develop a sense of competency and a feeling of well-being. 


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