Sunday, February 18, 2018
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"Build Your Strengths to Overcome Your Challenges"    

The primary reason the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center exists is to provide answers for parents and patients who have concerns which require good, objective and trustworthy diagnoses presented in an understandable manner with real hope of change. Our philosophy is based on the premise that once one understands limitations or challenges and once strengths have been identified, the brain and body have the capabilities to learn and compensate to be stronger. We have good reason to be optimistic because we have seen good things happen in even the most distressed of circumstances.  We want to find answers to problem behaviors, but most of all, we want to help people discover and utilize the tremendous talent and abilities they have for an abundant life.

The first mission of the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center is to foster a rich analytic, in-depth understanding of the diagnostic matrix for each individual and his/her family.

Multiple assessments combine professional observations with physical and psychological measures related to brain functioning and how it affects and is affected by the family unit. 

These findings are then combined to form a comprehensive, in-depth analysis which includes specific treatment recommendations that we call a “Game Plan”.

Our one-of-a-kind assessments seek to identify:

  • the strengths of the individual client and his/her support system
  • the challenges to better functioning and personal performance goals
  • the skills and treatments needed by the individual and his/her family to manage or overcome challenges 


At our Center, a two day assessment is typically conducted by our team of medical staff, psychologists, biofeedback specialists, family counselors, and other health-care professionals on a Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday. 

Following the PNP Center assessment, at home, during the next weeks the individual and his/her family completes any recommended laboratory tests and communicates with professional staff experiences in implementing the lifestyle adjustments initially recommended.

When all test results are in, our team of specialists comes together on your behalf to develop a cohesive assessment report with an in-depth analysis and treatment plan. 

Typical Steps in the Assessment Procedure:  

Brain Map (QEEG) of the brain’s electrical activity can help sort out brainwave patterns of strength and of challenge and relate these findings to how you think, process information, and behave.

Medical—review and screening of physical functioning as it affects cognitive functioning, including testing for any suspected toxins, metabolic or hormonal problems, dietary balance, food sensitivities, sleep concerns, exercise habits, and/or craniosacral balance.

Psychophysiological Assessment (PPA)—biofeedback measures of the body’s stress and relaxation response patterns.

Psychological and Neuropsychological tests for intellectual, educational and personality functioning, limitations, strengths and compensation patterns.

Interviews with the individual and his or her family.

Behavioral Vision screening to determine how the eyes are tracking, teaming, and accommodating.

Variable Attention assessment used with issues of attending and focusing.

Other assessments as deemed important by the PNP professional staff.

Final Report and The Game Plan:   

The Final Report compiles each individual assessment into a comprehensive report. Your “Game Plan” is the specific recommendations with treatment plan we have mapped out based upon assessment results.  These plans often combine several treatment specialties and can be followed up on at our PNP Center or in other locales.  We collaborate with all necessary providers at our locations or closer to your home.

Coordination of Care Teleconference    

Following receipt of the Final Report and Game Plan a teleconference is scheduled to review the report and provides an opportunity to ask PNP professionals your questions regarding the report as well consult on future directions for care.

Continuity of Care

The PNP staff wants to ensure success and provide a sense of confidence in accomplishing the various recommendations given in the "Game Plan". A special service of the PNP, Continuity of Care, provides ongoing support, guidance, and direction. Assessment of progress, feedback and direction, along with additional help with finding resources for effective care and completion of the "Game Plan" is provided. Treatment and training may take several months to over a year to complete. With confidence Continuity of Care provides you with PNP staff support throughout the process. This Continuity of Care service can be very reassuring and helpful. 


For those individuals and families in the Dallas /Ft Worth area treatment and consultation are available at the PNP Center. If you live out of the DFW area every attempt will be made to help find appropriate treatment resources close to your home. 



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2-Day Assessment   $8495.00

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