Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Family Counseling



Family Counseling:   

The majority of problems relating to children can involve family confusion and adjustment. When a member of the family is not functioning or even misbehaving, it affects all the family.  For example, when a child misbehaves consistently, stress among the parents can grow. Self esteem is lowered among all the family members, and minor problems can grow into permanent and serious ones.

Relationship or family counseling may be particularly useful for:

  • Problems developing in one or more family members which affect all (i.e.: children's problems, anger, depression in one partner etc.)
  • Family or relationship change such as divorce, or children leaving home
  • Cultural and ethnic conflict within relationships
  • Cultural differences between the family and the larger community
  • Finding the satisfaction you seek in relationships
  • Learning skills to aid in healthy family development such as parenting, communication and limit setting.

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