Sunday, February 18, 2018
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NEUROTHERAPY with assisted BAUD:   

Neurotherapy is a form of neurological (EEG) biofeedback in which a person begins to teach his or her brain maximum functioning through changing the brain’s signaling system. For example, many times the person’s brain is not in the right gear for the best brain performance and, therefore, cannot process information in an efficient manner, leading to learning and communication challenges. If a person can observe this brain activity via a brainwave biofeedback instrument he or she can learn various techniques for shifting to more effective brain functioning. This process typically involves breathing with different patterns and/or performing different tasks, like reading. As the person achieves better control of the brain, the actual brain functioning changes so the person can learn better; and decrease anxiety and other obstacles to fulfillment of life.

Using the Bioacoustical Utilization Device (BAUD), the process can be learned quicker and be applied in specific areas of life. The BAUD can create an entrainment frequency which the brain functioning can achieve, thus driving it toward more effective levels of functioning. Through a combination of using the feedback through EEG readings and adjusting the BAUD, achievement of effective functioning can occur more rapidly. Moreover, the patient can take the BAUD home, to school or to a business setting to safely practice and apply the learning.

Read about positive outcomes for PTSD treatment through the use of the BAUD: Veterans use of the BAUD for PTSD

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